Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Angel of the Resurrection, Tiffany Studios

Samuel H. Kress Interpretive Fellow Leslie Anderson-Perkins reveals the man behind the design of Angel of the Resurrection and describes his role as part of the Tiffany team.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, the dominant figure in American decorative arts for more than half a century, founded several firms to satisfy the strong demand for his metalwork, pottery, and furniture. But his zeal for sensuous materials and striking colors found its fullest expression in his stained-glass windows. Angel of the Resurrection, the lower half of which appears here, was commissioned by Mary Lord Harrison, second wife and widow of President Benjamin Harrison, upon her husband's death in 1901. It was installed at the First Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, where the president had served as an elder for more than forty years. Perhaps because he carries a trumpet, the figure is often mistaken for Gabriel, Angel of the Annunciation, but it is actually Michael, Angel of the Resurrection, who signals the dead to rise.

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