Thursday, May 7, 2009

Capitulum OCD 2009

The Discalced Carmelite friars are concluding their triennial General Chapter in Fatima, Portugal. In this Chapter, more than ever before, internet communications have taken a significant place in diffusing the message of the events transpiring in Fatima.

Today, for example, a brief video message from the new Father General, Saverio CannistrĂ , has been translated into the major languages spoken by the friars of the Teresian Carmel. Our Holy Mother St Teresa's call to continual renewal, "let us begin again," certainly has been a hallmark of this 2009 Chapter.

The following excerpt from today's message gives a sense of the renewed vigor infused by the Holy Spirit in the life of Carmel today:

"How to be followers and witnesses of this history in different cultures and situations in the contemporary world?" asked the Superior General of Teresian Carmel, P. Saverio CannistrĂ  in a brief message to the Order a few hours before adjourning the General Chapter.

In a video message, the General of the Discalced Carmelites stated that "only in dialogue with Teresa can we, men and women Carmelites of the third millennium, discern the right path to that renewal that we ourselves, our churches and our world need.” In this sense "the General Chapter has invited the Order to seek the answer to this fundamental issue with the purpose of returning to the origins of our history, through reading and meditation both personally and in community of the writings of St. Teresa, in preparation for the fifth centenary of her birth, which will be celebrated at the end of the term in 2015, " said Father Saverio.

He concluded his message by saying, “I ask you to join us in giving thanks to God that He give us the grace to continue this journey in search of His face and His love, and ask Him not to forget the strong support of His arm and the delicate touch of His Spirit.”

Let all Discalced Carmelites - especially the Secular Order - support the friars in their mission and surround them with prayer.